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Q.5 Highlight the responsibilities of civil servants in the light of Islamic teachings. 2018

The responsibilities of civil servants in the light of Islamic teachings include:

  1. Upholding justice and fairness in all dealings, and avoiding corruption and bribery.
  2. Serving the public interest and ensuring that the needs of the people are met.
  3. Being honest and truthful in all communications and interactions.
  4. Providing efficient and effective services to the public.
  5. Treating all individuals with respect and dignity, regardless of their social status or background.
  6. Avoiding discrimination or bias against any individual or group.
  7. Protecting the rights of citizens and ensuring that their basic needs are met.
  8. Encouraging and promoting the values of honesty, integrity, and morality in society.
  9. Being accountable and transparent in all actions and decisions.
  10. Maintaining the trust of the public and acting in their best interests.

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