Q4.What are the major provisions of Simla Agreement (1972) between Pakistan and India? How it was helpful for establishment of durable peace in the region?

The Simla Agreement, signed on July 2, 1972, between Pakistan and India, aimed to resolve the conflicts and establish peaceful…

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4. “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

The statement “Imagination is more important than knowledge” holds profound significance. It implies that the creative faculty of the mind…

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2. Higher Education in Pakistan: Ills and Remedies

Introduction:Higher education plays a crucial role in shaping the intellectual, social, and economic progress of a nation. In Pakistan, like…

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Q8. (a) What is your take on the current judgment by the Federal Shariah Court of Pakistan on Riba? (b) What are the measures which can be taken to showcase the full potential of Islamic finance in Pakistan? 2023

(a) The current judgment by the Federal Shariah Court of Pakistan on Riba (interest) is a significant development in the…

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Q7. Explain the idea of State sovereignty in Islam. What are the qualifications for the head of State under Islamic Law?

State sovereignty in Islam refers to the concept that the ultimate authority in a Muslim state lies with Allah (God)…

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Q6. What are the objects of punishment in Islam? Also, elaborate on the different kinds of punishment in Islamic law.

In Islam, the objects of punishment are to: Reform the offender and prevent them from committing the same crime in…

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Q5. Ijtihad is a necessity where there is no solution to a certain issue in the first two sources of Islamic law.

Yes, that is correct. Ijtihad is a concept in Islamic jurisprudence that refers to independent reasoning and interpretation of the…

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Q4. Define Qiyas (Analogy). How does the jurist use it to extend the law from the texts? What is the difference between Qiyas and Istihsan?

Qiyas, also known as analogy, is a method of extending Islamic law from the text-based sources, such as the Quran…

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Q3. Discuss and explain the importance of the Sunnah as a Source of Islamic law. Also, discuss the difference between Sunnah and Hadith.

The Sunnah is an important source of Islamic law, as it provides insight into the way of life and practices…

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Q2. The Quran provides Legal validity to other Primary Sources; when a principle is laid down in the Quran, the rest of the Sources of Islamic Law cease to be effective. Discuss. 2023

The Quran is considered the primary source of Islamic law and it provides the framework for understanding Islamic principles and…

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