. Q. No. 7. Fascism generally flourishes in countries with strong nationalism. (2019-I)

1.Strong Nationalism: A Catalyst for Fascism Strong nationalism serves as a potent catalyst for the rise of fascism, providing a…

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Q. No. 5. How does the IS-LM model allow equilibrium to be shown in both Goods. (2017-I)

Introduction to the IS-LM Model: The IS-LM model is a macroeconomic framework that analyzes the interaction between the goods market…

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Q. No. 4. What do you know about ‘Demand-Side’ Inflation and ‘Supply-Side’ Inflation? (2017-I)

Demand-Side Inflation: Demand-side inflation occurs when the aggregate demand for goods and services in an economy surpasses its ability to…

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Q. No. 3. Explain the Lewis Model of Modern-Sector Growth in a Two-Sector Surplus-Labour Economy with graphical analysis. (2017-I)

Introduction to the Lewis Model: The Lewis Model, formulated by Sir W. Arthur Lewis, provides insights into economic development in…

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Q. No. 2. How does the Indifference Approach to analyzing consumer demand avoid having to measure utility? Explain. (2017-I)

Indifference Curves: Indifference curves are a fundamental concept in microeconomics that depict various combinations of two goods that provide equal…

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Q. No. 6. How far 18th amendments will transform the existing federal system in Pakistan? (2019-I)

1.Decentralization of Power Decentralization of power, as facilitated by the 18th Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan, denotes the process…

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Q. No. 5. Globalization restrict the autonomy of the state, generates domestic social 2019-I

1.Economic Interdependence and State Autonomy Economic interdependence, facilitated by globalization, refers to the intricate web of economic relationships and dependencies…

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Q. No. 4. Explain the concept of Nationality and distinguish between 2019-I

1.Concept of Nationality The concept of nationality refers to the legal bond between an individual and a sovereign state, establishing…

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Q. No. 3. The growing judicial activism in Pakistan is clearly at the expanse of parliamentary 2019-I

1.Role of Judiciary in Pakistan In Pakistan, the judiciary plays a critical role in interpreting and upholding the rule of…

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Q. No. 2. Examine the view that Hegelian spirit is nothing but evolution of human consciousness to the realization of political maturity for global human co-existence.2019-I

1.Hegelian Dialectics and Human Consciousness Evolution Hegelian dialectics, as elucidated by the German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, constitutes a…

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