IV. Nuclear Program of Pakistan, its Safety and Security; International Concerns

Pakistan’s atomic program has been a huge disputed matter inside the global local area. Pakistan started its atomic program during the 1970s and led its most memorable atomic test in 1998. The nation has since turned into the world’s 6th atomic power, having an expected 165 atomic warheads.

The wellbeing and security of Pakistan’s atomic program have involved worry for the worldwide local area, with fears that the country’s atomic weapons could fall into some unacceptable hands. Pakistan has done whatever it takes to address these worries, laying out a vigorous atomic security contraption and carrying out severe measures to shield its atomic offices.

Regardless of these actions, concerns continue, especially given the country’s continuous struggles with adjoining India and its set of experiences of political insecurity. The worldwide local area has approached Pakistan to find further ways to upgrade the wellbeing and security of its atomic program, including marking global deals and carrying out extra protects.

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