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Q.2 Who are entitled to receive Zakat according to the Quran? Elucidating social impact of Zakat, clarify how can poverty be alleviated with its distribution in Islamic Society? 2017

In the Quran, eight categories of people are entitled to receive Zakat: the poor, the needy, those employed to collect Zakat, new Muslims, those in debt, those fighting for a just cause, wayfarers, and slaves seeking their freedom.

The distribution of Zakat can have a significant social impact in alleviating poverty in Islamic society. It provides a safety net for the poor and needy and helps to reduce inequality by redistributing wealth from the rich to the poor. The regular payment of Zakat can also promote a culture of giving and generosity within the community.

The distribution of Zakat can be done through various channels, such as giving directly to individuals, providing food and clothing, or supporting projects and programs that address poverty and social welfare. By ensuring that the Zakat is distributed in a fair and transparent manner, Islamic society can help to reduce poverty and promote social justice.

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