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Q.3 CPEC is considered a game-changer. How can CPEC be helpful in uplifting Pakistan’s economy? Discuss. 2018

CPEC, or the China-Pakistan Financial Hall, can be useful in elevating Pakistan’s economy in more ways than one. The foundation, first and foremost, projects under CPEC, for example, street and rail organizations, power plants, and ports, can further develop availability and decrease transportation costs, which can support financial development and exchange.

Furthermore, CPEC can draw in unfamiliar speculation and set out work open doors in Pakistan, which can add to the country’s financial turn of events. Besides, the foundation of unique financial zones under CPEC can advance industrialization and increment trades.

Thirdly, CPEC can upgrade Pakistan’s energy security by giving a steady and solid wellspring of power, which can decrease the country’s reliance on costly petroleum product imports.

Ultimately, CPEC can give a stage to provincial financial collaboration and coordination, which can reinforce Pakistan’s situation in the locale and set out new open doors for monetary turn of events.

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