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Q.3 What measures do you suggest to improve the security conditions of Baluchistan in respect to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and the role of regional powers to sabotage it? 2017

Further developing the security conditions in Baluchistan corresponding to the China-Pakistan Financial Passageway (CPEC) would require a multi-layered approach that includes the accompanying measures:

  1. Strengthening internal security: The government of Pakistan needs to enhance the internal security of Baluchistan by increasing the presence of security forces, improving their training and equipment, and addressing any underlying grievances of the local population.
  2. Improving intelligence gathering: Improving intelligence gathering capabilities is essential to detecting and preventing any potential threats to the CPEC. This can be done by increasing the number of intelligence agencies operating in the area and improving their coordination.
  3. Involving local communities: The local communities in Balochistan should be involved in the planning and implementation of the CPEC to ensure their buy-in and minimize the potential for conflict. This can be achieved by involving local leaders and representatives in decision-making processes and ensuring that the benefits of the CPEC are shared with the local population.
  4. Enhancing regional cooperation: To address potential sabotage by regional powers, it is important to engage with regional actors and involve them in the CPEC to ensure their cooperation and minimize any potential conflicts.
  5. Improving infrastructure: Improving the infrastructure in Balochistan, including roads, telecommunications, and power supplies, will help reduce the vulnerability of the CPEC to attacks and make it more resilient to any disruptions.
  6. Increasing transparency and accountability: The implementation of the CPEC should be transparent and accountable to ensure that any concerns or objections can be addressed in a timely and effective manner. This will also help build trust and reduce the potential for conflict.

In conclusion, to improve the security conditions of Balochistan in relation to the CPEC, a comprehensive approach that involves strengthening internal security, improving intelligence gathering, involving local communities, enhancing regional cooperation, improving infrastructure, and increasing transparency and accountability is required.

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