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Q.3 Write a comprehensive note on the right of inheritance granted to women by Islam. 2017

Islam grants women the right of inheritance, which is an essential aspect of their financial security and empowerment. In fact, the Quran specifically mentions women as heirs alongside men. This right is based on the principles of justice and equity, and it ensures that women receive a fair share of their family’s wealth.

According to Islamic inheritance laws, women have the right to inherit from their parents, spouse, children, and other relatives. The share of inheritance for women is determined by their relationship to the deceased and the number of male and female heirs. For example, a daughter is entitled to half the share of a son, and a wife is entitled to one-eighth or one-fourth of her deceased husband’s estate, depending on whether or not they have children.

The Islamic inheritance system also includes provisions for the distribution of property and assets, including land, businesses, and investments. This ensures that women have access to economic resources and are not left vulnerable after the death of their male relatives.

The right of inheritance granted to women by Islam is significant because it ensures their financial stability, promotes gender equality, and recognizes the valuable role they play in society. It also reinforces the importance of family ties and encourages the fair and equitable distribution of wealth within families.

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