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Q.4 Point out the motives of terrorism in Pakistan. How can the society get rid of terrorism? 2018

Terrorism in Pakistan is driven by a range of complex factors, including political instability, economic inequality, religious extremism, and external influences. Some of the motives of terrorism in Pakistan are:

  1. Political Instability: The political instability and governance challenges in Pakistan have created an environment in which extremist groups can operate with relative impunity.
  2. Economic Inequality: The large gap between the rich and the poor in Pakistan has created a sense of alienation and frustration among marginalized groups, which can be exploited by extremist groups.
  3. Religious Extremism: The rise of religious extremism and the promotion of intolerant ideologies by some groups has fueled sectarian violence and contributed to the growth of terrorism.
  4. External Influences: The involvement of foreign actors in the region has also contributed to the growth of terrorism in Pakistan.

To get rid of terrorism, Pakistan needs a multifaceted approach that addresses these complex factors. Some steps that can be taken include:

  1. Promoting political stability and good governance.
  2. Addressing economic inequality and poverty through social and economic reforms.
  3. Challenging extremist ideologies and promoting religious tolerance and harmony.
  4. Strengthening law enforcement and intelligence agencies to disrupt and dismantle terrorist networks.
  5. Engaging in dialogue with groups willing to renounce violence and extremism.
  6. Countering the narratives and propaganda of extremist groups through effective communication strategies.
  7. Working with international partners to address the external factors contributing to terrorism in Pakistan.

In summary, terrorism in Pakistan is driven by a range of complex factors, and addressing it requires a comprehensive approach that tackles these root causes. By promoting political stability, addressing economic inequality, countering extremist ideologies, and strengthening law enforcement, Pakistan can take important steps towards a more peaceful and secure future.

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