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Q.5 How is the US trying to keep its dominant position in the Asia-Pacific region and what is China’s response to it? 2018

Lately, the US has been attempting to keep up with its prevailing situation in the Asia-Pacific locale by chasing after various techniques. These include:

  1. Strengthening military alliances: The US has looked to reinforce its tactical collusions in the locale, especially with nations like Japan and South Korea, to offset China’s developing military impact.
  2. Promoting economic engagement: The US has likewise been advancing financial commitment to the area, like through the Transoceanic Association (TPP) arrangement, which planned to develop monetary ties among nations in the Asia-Pacific district and reinforce the US financial presence in the locale.
  3. Increasing military presence: The US has likewise expanded its tactical presence in the locale through drives like the organization of further developed military resources and expanding military activities with provincial accomplices.

Because of these endeavors by the US, China has been seeking after its own methodologies to check US strength in the district and state its own impact. These include:

  1. Building military capabilities: China has been quickly modernizing its military and building its tactical capacities, especially in regions like digital, space, and the South China Ocean.
  2. Pursuing alternative economic initiatives: China has likewise been seeking after elective financial drives, for example, the Belt and Street Drive, which plans to increment monetary availability and combination in the locale.
  3. Strengthening regional relationships: China has additionally looked to reinforce its associations with local nations, especially through its strategic and financial drives, to check US impact in the district.

All in all, the US has been attempting to keep up with its predominant situation in the Asia-Pacific district through a mix of military collusions, financial commitment, and military presence. China has answered these endeavors by building its own tactical abilities, chasing after elective financial drives, and reinforcing its associations with territorial nations.

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