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Q.5 What will be the reason of emerging water conflict between Pakistan and Afghanistan? 2019

The emerging water battle among Pakistan and Afghanistan is driven by different components, including:

  1. Scarce water resources:

The two countries are standing up to water lack in light of growing solicitation from a creating people, water framework, and present day use.

  • Control of shared water resources:

Afghanistan and Pakistan share a few significant streams, including the Indus, Kabul, and Helmand, and disagreements regarding their control and the executives have been a wellspring of pressure for quite a long time.

  • Dams and water management projects:

The two countries have created or are needing to build dams and other water the chiefs projects on shared streams, which can impact the water stream and spread downstream.

  • Climate change:

Natural change is demolishing water lack in the region and provoking changes in the timing and volume of stream streams, further tangling the organization of shared water resources.

  • Political tensions:

The deep rooted political strains among Afghanistan and Pakistan, recalling the conflict for Afghanistan, have made coordinated effort on shared water resources inconvenient and further exacerbated the water battle.

With everything taken into account, the emerging water battle among Pakistan and Afghanistan is driven by a blend of factors associated with inadequate water resources, control of shared water resources, water the chiefs projects, natural change, and political tensions.

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