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Q.6 One of the most serious dilemmas of the South-Asian politics is the contentious relations between Pakistan and India. What measures would you consider for normalization between the two neighbors? 2017

The contentious relations between Pakistan and India have been a source of tension and conflict in South Asia for decades. Normalization between the two neighbors is crucial for regional stability and progress. Here are some measures that could be considered for normalization between Pakistan and India:

  1. Dialogue: The two countries need to engage in meaningful dialogue at all levels, including diplomatic, political, and military. This dialogue should be sustained and result-oriented.
  2. Confidence-building measures: Confidence-building measures such as cross-border trade, cultural exchanges, and people-to-people contacts can help build trust between the two countries.
  3. Resolving disputes: The two countries should work towards resolving their disputes, including the Kashmir issue, through peaceful means and negotiations.
  4. Economic cooperation: Economic cooperation can help reduce tensions and promote peace between the two countries. Both countries should focus on improving their economic ties and exploring new areas of cooperation.
  5. Track-II diplomacy: Track-II diplomacy involves non-official dialogue and can help build trust and understanding between the two countries. The two countries should encourage and support such initiatives.
  6. Avoiding military escalation: Both countries should avoid any military escalation that could lead to conflict. Confidence-building measures and dialogue can help reduce the risk of military escalation.
  7. International mediation: International mediation could be sought to help resolve disputes and reduce tensions between the two countries. The international community should play an active role in promoting dialogue and negotiations.

In conclusion, normalization between Pakistan and India is crucial for regional stability and progress. A sustained and result-oriented dialogue, confidence-building measures, resolving disputes, economic cooperation, track-II diplomacy, avoiding military escalation, and international mediation could help bring about normalization between the two neighbors.

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