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Q.8 Efficient use of natural resources can make Pakistan a prosperous nation. Discuss in the light of present situation of Pakistan.  2019

Pakistan is blessed with abundant natural resources, including fertile land, minerals, forests, and water resources. However, the inefficient use of these resources has prevented Pakistan from realizing its full potential and becoming a prosperous nation. In the present situation of Pakistan, there is a need to focus on the efficient use of natural resources to achieve sustainable economic growth and development.

One of the significant challenges facing Pakistan is the inefficient use of its agricultural land. Despite having fertile land, Pakistan has a low yield per hectare compared to other countries. This is due to a lack of modern technology and practices, inadequate irrigation systems, and poor soil quality. To address this, Pakistan needs to invest in modernizing its agriculture sector, improving irrigation systems, and providing farmers with access to advanced farming practices and technology.

Another significant natural resource in Pakistan is its mineral wealth. Pakistan is home to vast reserves of minerals such as copper, gold, and coal. However, the exploitation of these resources has been inefficient, with many mining operations being small-scale and not utilizing modern technology. To fully utilize Pakistan’s mineral wealth, the government needs to encourage foreign investment in large-scale mining operations and provide incentives to companies that use modern mining technology.

Pakistan is also facing challenges in managing its water resources. The country has a limited amount of freshwater resources, and the increasing demand for water due to a growing population and agricultural sector is leading to water scarcity. To address this, Pakistan needs to invest in modernizing its water infrastructure, improving water management practices, and promoting water conservation.

In conclusion, the efficient use of natural resources can play a significant role in making Pakistan a prosperous nation. However, this will require significant investment in modernizing the agriculture and mining sectors, improving water infrastructure and management practices, and promoting sustainable use of natural resources. By doing so, Pakistan can achieve sustainable economic growth and development, which will benefit its citizens and future generations.

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