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Q2. Use any Ten of the following idiomatic expressions in your own words.

  1. Get your act together
  2. Scrape the barrel
  3. Cut corners
  4. Lose your marbles
  5. Bite the bullet
  6. On the ball
  7. Take a rain check
  8. To get bent out of shape
  9. Keep up appearances.
  10. To fly in the face of
  11. Comparing apples to oranges
  12. The salt of the earth

i. Get your act together: It’s time to organize and improve your performance or behavior, focusing on becoming more efficient and effective in what you do.

ii. Scrape the barrel: When all other options have been exhausted, you are left with the last and least desirable choices or resources.

iii. Cut corners: To take shortcuts or skip necessary steps in order to save time or effort, often resulting in a lower-quality outcome.

iv. Lose your marbles: To become mentally or emotionally unstable, often characterized by confusion, irrational behavior, or forgetfulness.

v. Bite the bullet: To face a difficult or unpleasant situation with courage and determination, even though it may be challenging or painful.

vi. On the ball: Being alert, competent, and attentive in one’s actions or responsibilities.

vii. Take a rain check: To decline an invitation or proposal for the present moment, but express an interest in rescheduling it for another time.

viii. To get bent out of shape: To become excessively upset, angry, or annoyed about something, often disproportionate to the situation.

ix. Keep up appearances: To maintain a certain image or outward impression, even if it contradicts one’s true feelings or circumstances.

x. To fly in the face of: To act or behave in a way that directly opposes or challenges conventional wisdom, expectations, or established norms.

xi. Comparing apples to oranges: To make a comparison between two things that are fundamentally different and therefore not easily or fairly comparable.


xii. The salt of the earth: Referring to someone who is considered to be genuine, reliable, and morally upright, often used to describe people of exceptional character and integrity.

Remember, these are my interpretations of the idiomatic expressions, and they may not align with their traditional definitions or usages.

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