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Q6. How do you see recent developments in the Middle East, particularly with reference to the deteriorating relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran. What role, if any, Pakistan could play in reducing the tensions between two Muslim countries? 2016

The new advancements in the Center East, especially the disintegrating relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, have made huge strains and destabilization in the district. The underlying drivers of the contention between the two nations incorporate strict contrasts, rivalry for provincial predominance, and clashing interests in the continuous struggles in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.

Pakistan, as a Muslim-larger part country and a central member in the locale, could assume a part in decreasing strains between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Here is a few potential ways Pakistan could help:

  1. Diplomatic engagement: Pakistan could utilize its great relations with the two nations to energize conciliatory commitment and discourse between the two countries. This could assist with addressing their disparities and track down a quiet goal to their contentions.
  2. Facilitating negotiations: Pakistan could propose to have exchanges or go about as a middle person between the two nations to assist with settling their disparities.
  3. Promoting religious unity: As a Muslim-greater part country, Pakistan could assume a part in advancing strict solidarity and resilience between the two nations, which would assist with diminishing strains and cultivate a surer relationship.
  4. Encouraging economic cooperation: Pakistan could energize financial participation between the two nations, as expanded exchange and speculation could assist with diminishing strains and make a surer relationship.

It is essential to take note of that diminishing strains between Saudi Arabia and Iran is a perplexing issue and requires a multi-layered approach. Be that as it may, as a central member in the locale with great associations with the two nations, Pakistan can possibly assume a positive part in diminishing strains and advancing harmony and dependability in the Center East.

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