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Q7. Write short notes on any TWO of the following:

  1. Constitutional Amendment
  2. Kashmir Dispute
  3. Pakistan’s Role in the United Nations

1. Protected Revision:

A protected revision alludes to the most common way of making changes or increases to a nation’s constitution. In Pakistan, the constitution can be changed through a particular technique framed in the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973. The system includes proposing a revision in one or the other place of the Parliament (Public Gathering or Senate), trailed by a vote and endorsement by a 66% larger part in the two houses. When endorsed, the alteration is shipped off the President for consent.

Established alterations are urgent as they take into account the development and transformation of the constitution to meet the changing necessities of society. They can resolve different issues, like political, social, or monetary changes, reallocation of abilities between various degrees of government, or shielding essential privileges. Nonetheless, corrections can likewise be a subject of political discussion and contention, as they might possibly change the overall influence or influence the freedoms and honors of various gatherings.

2. Kashmir Debate:

The Kashmir question alludes to the well established regional struggle among India and Pakistan over the locale of Kashmir. The debate started with the parcel of English India in 1947, which prompted the making of India and Pakistan as discrete countries. The royal province of Jammu and Kashmir, with an overwhelmingly Muslim populace however controlled by a Hindu ruler, turned into a challenged domain between the two nations.

The contention has brought about numerous conflicts and progressing strains among India and Pakistan. The locale is separated into three sections: Indian-controlled Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistani-regulated Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and Chinese-directed Aksai Jaw. The two India and Pakistan guarantee power over the whole area, prompting intermittent line encounters and common liberties concerns.

Endeavors to determine the Kashmir question have involved discretionary discussions, global intervention, and a few Joined Countries goals requiring a plebiscite to decide the locale’s future. Notwithstanding, an enduring goal presently can’t seem to be accomplished, and the debate stays a critical disputed matter among India and Pakistan, with sweeping ramifications for territorial steadiness.

3. Pakistan’s Part in the Assembled Countries:

Pakistan is one of the establishing individuals from the Assembled Countries (UN) and plays had a functioning impact in the association since its commencement in 1945. Pakistan’s commitment with the UN covers a scope of regions, including peacekeeping, tact, basic freedoms, improvement, and worldwide administration.

Peacekeeping: Pakistan has been a main benefactor of troops to UN peacekeeping missions, with a long history of inclusion. Pakistani peacekeepers have served in different clash zones all over the planet, adding to harmony, security, and soundness.

Discretion and Promotion: Pakistan partakes effectively in the UN General Get together, Security Chamber, and other UN bodies, upholding for its public advantages and worldwide issues of concern. It has been engaged with political endeavors, especially in regards to territorial contentions and issues like Kashmir and Afghanistan.


Common liberties and Improvement: Pakistan participates in UN systems connected with basic freedoms and advancement, adding to conversations, goals, and drives pointed toward advancing and safeguarding common liberties and accomplishing practical improvement objectives.

Worldwide Administration: Pakistan adds to molding worldwide administration structures by taking part in different UN bodies, meetings, and deals. It effectively participates in conversations on issues, for example, environmental change, demilitarization, and global exchange.

Pakistan’s job in the Assembled Countries permits it to draw in with the worldwide local area, advance its inclinations, and add to worldwide harmony, security, and improvement. It gives a stage to Pakistan to voice its interests, team up with different countries, and look for answers for territorial and worldwide difficulties.

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