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7. (A) Differentiate with examples between a “Pictogram” and “Histogram”. (B) The teachers of a certain school were asked to indicate the average number of hours they spend on marking students’ assignments each day.

The following set of data was obtained 6 4 3 1 2 2 3 1 4 1 2 5 3 4 5 2 2 3 3 1 2 2 3 1 4 2 Construct a frequency table and draw a Histogram illustrating the results. (C) How many teachers responded to the survey? (D) What the longest number of hours and most common number of hours are spent?

A) A pictogram is a graphical representation of data that uses pictures or symbols to represent quantities or categories. For example, a pictogram might use images of apples to represent the number of apples sold in a certain time period. A histogram, on the other hand, is a graphical representation of data that uses bars to represent the frequency of data in certain ranges or bins. For example, a histogram might show the frequency of test scores in different ranges.

B) Frequency table:

Marking TimeFrequency


Copy code Frequency


6 |
5 |
4 | ____ 3 | ____ 2 _|| 1 _||
1 2 3 4 5 Marking Time

C) The total number of teachers who responded to the survey is 25.

D) The longest number of hours spent on marking assignments is 5 hours, and the most common number of hours spent is 2 hours.

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