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Q.8 Define International Relations. Discuss it’s changing/ evolving scope. 2020

International Relations (IR) is a field of study that focuses on the relationships between states, international organizations, and other global actors, such as multinational corporations and non-governmental organizations. It seeks to understand the nature of power, cooperation, and conflict in the international system, as well as the norms, rules, and institutions that shape global politics.

The scope of International Relations has evolved over time. Traditionally, IR was primarily concerned with the behavior of states in the international system, and the study of international conflict and war. However, the scope of IR has expanded to include a broader range of actors and issues. Some of the key changes and developments in the field of IR include:

  1. Globalization: The increasing interconnectedness of the world has led to a growing emphasis on the study of global issues such as international trade, environmental degradation, and the spread of infectious diseases.
  2. Non-State Actors: The role of non-state actors, such as non-governmental organizations, multinational corporations, and terrorist organizations, has become increasingly important in the international system. This has led to a greater focus on the study of their behavior, motivations, and impact on global politics.
  3. Human Rights: The recognition of human rights as a fundamental aspect of global politics has led to a greater emphasis on their protection and promotion in the international system.
  4. Multilateralism: The importance of international organizations and multilateral cooperation has grown, particularly in the post-World War II era. This has led to a greater focus on the study of international institutions, norms, and regimes.
  5. Gender and Diversity: The study of IR has become more inclusive, with a growing focus on gender and diversity issues, such as the role of women in peace and security, and the impact of gender on international politics.

In summary, the scope of International Relations has evolved to encompass a broader range of actors and issues, reflecting the changing nature of global politics. The field has become more interdisciplinary and inclusive, as scholars seek to understand the complex dynamics of the international system.

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