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Do we really need literature in our lives? 2020

1. Do we really need literature in our lives? 2020


Literature has been an essential part of human culture for thousands of years. It is a form of expression that can be used to convey ideas, emotions, and experiences. Some people argue that literature is no longer necessary in our modern world, but this essay will argue that we do indeed need literature in our lives.


One of the most apparent reasons why we need literature in our lives is for entertainment. Literature provides a way to escape from our everyday lives and explore new worlds, ideas, and experiences. It can transport us to different times and places and help us to see the world from different perspectives.

Reading literature can be an enjoyable and enriching experience that allows us to relax and unwind. It is a way to escape from the stresses and pressures of modern life and enter into a world of pressures and creativity.

Cultural Understanding:

Literature also plays an essential role in promoting cultural understanding. It can provide us with insights into different cultures, traditions, and beliefs. By reading literature from different parts of the world, we can gain a better understanding of the diversity that exists within human society.

Literature can also help us to develop empathy and understanding for people who are different from ourselves. It can expose us to different ways of thinking and living and challenge our assumptions and biases.


Literature is also a valuable educational tool. It can teach us about history, science, and culture. Through literature, we can learn about different periods in history, different scientific concepts, and different cultural traditions.

Reading literature can also help to develop critical thinking and analytical skills. It can teach us to analyze and interpret texts, identify themes and motifs, and make connections between different ideas and concepts.


Personal Growth:

Finally, literature can play a vital role in our personal growth and development. Reading literature can expose us to different ideas and perspectives, challenge our assumptions and beliefs, and help us to develop a broader and more nuanced understanding of the world.

Literature can also help us to develop empathy and emotional intelligence. By reading about the experiences of different characters, we can gain a deeper understanding of human emotions and relationships.


In conclusion, literature plays an essential role in our lives. It provides us with entertainment, promotes cultural understanding, serves as an educational tool, and helps us to grow and develop as individuals. While some may argue that literature is no longer necessary in our modern world, the benefits of literature remain just as relevant today as they have been throughout human history. Therefore, it is crucial that we continue to value and promote literature as an essential part of our culture and society.

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