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Q.2 Define Tauheed. What is its impact on individual life and the society? Elaborate. 2019

Tauheed is an Arabic term that refers to the Islamic belief in the oneness of God. It is the fundamental concept of Islam that there is only one God, who is the creator and sustainer of the universe.

The impact of Tauheed on individual life is significant as it shapes one’s worldview, values, and actions. It emphasizes the importance of monotheism, which encourages individuals to maintain a direct relationship with God and seek His guidance in all aspects of life. It also fosters a sense of accountability, as Muslims believe that they will be held responsible for their actions in the afterlife.

In society, the belief in Tauheed promotes a sense of unity and equality, as all individuals are seen as equal before God regardless of their race, ethnicity, or social status. It also emphasizes social justice and the responsibility to help those in need, as Muslims are encouraged to give to charity and support the less fortunate.

Overall, the belief in Tauheed has a profound impact on both individual life and society, promoting a strong sense of spiritual, moral, and social responsibility.

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