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Q.2 Discuss instrument of techniques of Hybrid warfare in context to Pakistan. 2020

Hybrid warfare is a military strategy that combines conventional warfare, unconventional warfare, cyber warfare, and information warfare to achieve its objectives. In the context of Pakistan, the following are some of the instruments and techniques used by its adversaries to wage hybrid warfare against it:

  1. Terrorism: Terrorism has been one of the most common instruments of hybrid warfare against Pakistan. Terrorist organizations have carried out numerous attacks on the country, causing significant damage to its infrastructure, economy, and human life.
  2. Cyber Warfare: Cyber warfare has been increasingly used as a tool to wage hybrid warfare against Pakistan. The country has faced numerous cyber-attacks on its critical infrastructure, banks, and government agencies, causing damage to its economy and security.
  3. Information Warfare: Information warfare involves the manipulation of information and media to achieve strategic objectives. Pakistan has been targeted by information warfare through false narratives and propaganda that aim to discredit its government and institutions.
  4. Unconventional Warfare: Unconventional warfare involves the use of irregular forces, such as separatist groups and tribal militants, to achieve strategic objectives. Pakistan has faced numerous instances of unconventional warfare, especially in its tribal regions, where separatist groups have been used to destabilize the country.
  5. Economic Warfare: Economic warfare involves the use of economic measures, such as sanctions and trade restrictions, to achieve strategic objectives. Pakistan has faced numerous instances of economic warfare, especially in the form of sanctions and trade restrictions imposed by other countries.

These instruments and techniques of hybrid warfare have had a significant impact on Pakistan’s stability and security. The country has been forced to adopt measures to counter the threat, including enhancing its military capabilities, strengthening its intelligence agencies, and improving its cyber defense.

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