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Q.2 Highlight the role of National Action Plan (NAP) in stabilization of internal security of Pakistan. Critically analyze its outcomes? 2017

The National Action Plan (NAP) was introduced in Pakistan in 2015 to tackle the security challenges arising from terrorism and extremism. Its primary aim was to establish stability in the country’s internal security situation by adopting a comprehensive and coordinated approach against these threats.

NAP encompasses a wide range of measures to address the causes and manifestations of terrorism and extremism. These include strengthening law enforcement and intelligence agencies, implementing counter-terrorism legislation, rehabilitating extremists and their families, promoting religious and ethnic tolerance, and addressing socio-economic issues like poverty and lack of education.

The implementation of NAP has yielded significant results in improving internal security. The number of terrorism-related incidents has decreased, and military operations have successfully dismantled many extremist hideouts in tribal areas. Additionally, efforts to curb terrorism financing and implement counter-terrorism laws have made progress.

However, the outcomes of NAP have been mixed, and it is widely recognized that more needs to be done to fully stabilize the internal security situation. Challenges in implementation include limited capacity of law enforcement agencies, lack of coordination among state institutions, and the persistence of extremist ideologies in certain segments of society.

In conclusion, although the National Action Plan has had positive effects on internal security in Pakistan, there is still work to be done for complete stabilization. The government should maintain a comprehensive and coordinated approach, addressing both the root causes and symptoms of terrorism and extremism.

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