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Q.4 Discuss in detail the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline and challenges to it. 2018

The Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline, otherwise called the “Harmony Pipeline,” is a proposed 1,100-kilometer petroleum gas pipeline that would interface Iran’s South Standards gas field with Pakistan’s Baluchistan and Sindh regions. The undertaking was first proposed during the 1990s, yet has confronted a few difficulties that have postponed its execution.

One of the primary difficulties to the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline is the global authorizations on Iran. These approvals have made it hard for Iran to back the venture, as global banks and organizations are hesitant to put resources into Iran. Also, the US has forced optional approvals on organizations that work with Iran, which has additionally frustrated the execution of the undertaking.

One more test to the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline is the security circumstance in Pakistan. The pipeline would go through a few unpredictable regions in Baluchistan, which is home to a few dissident gatherings that have been engaged with assaults on framework projects. These security concerns have made it challenging to draw in unfamiliar speculation and organizations to the venture.

Moreover, there are political difficulties to the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline. India, which was initially essential for the undertaking, pulled out in 2009 because of conflicts over valuing and security concerns. This has left Pakistan as the sole member in the venture, which has made it challenging to arrange great terms with Iran.

All in all, while the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline can possibly give a dependable wellspring of energy to Pakistan, the venture faces a few difficulties, remembering worldwide assents for Iran, security worries in Pakistan, and political hindrances. These difficulties have made it challenging to carry out the undertaking, and its future remaining parts questionable.

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