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Q.4 The 2021 Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan presents regional and global challenges. Elaborate on the anticipated policies of the Taliban government and the regional and global response. 2022

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in 2021 has presented several challenges for the region and the world. Here are some anticipated policies of the Taliban government and the response from the region and the world:

Anticipated policies of the Taliban government:

  1. The Taliban has historically enforced a strict interpretation of Sharia law and is expected to continue to do so in its governance of Afghanistan.
  2. : The Taliban has a history of suppressing women’s rights and the rights of religious and ethnic minorities, and there are concerns that these groups could be further marginalized under Taliban rule.
  3. : The Taliban’s past links with terrorist organizations and its harsh rule in the 1990s have led to concerns about its relationship with the international community, especially with neighboring countries and Western powers.

Regional and global response:

  1. : There is a debate in the international community about whether to recognize the Taliban government or not. Some countries have recognized the Taliban government, while others have refused to do so until the Taliban meets certain conditions, such as respecting human rights and the rule of law.
  2. The international community has pledged significant humanitarian aid to Afghanistan to support the country’s most vulnerable populations. However, there are concerns that aid could be used to support the Taliban’s rule.
  3. : Some countries are engaging in diplomatic efforts to engage with the Taliban and encourage it to respect human rights and international norms. For example, China, Russia, and Iran have engaged with the Taliban, while the United States and other Western countries have been more cautious.
  4. : The United States conducted a drone strike against an ISIS-K target in Afghanistan in 2021 and has not ruled out further military action against terrorist threats in the country. However, there are concerns that military action could further destabilize the region and lead to more violence.

In conclusion, the Taliban’s policies and the response of the region and the world are still evolving. The international community faces a delicate balance between supporting the Afghan people and addressing concerns about the Taliban’s rule. The key challenge will be to find a way to engage with the Taliban without legitimizing or supporting its policies that violate human rights and democratic values.

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