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Q.5 Define non-state actors. ‘Non-state actors are posing more threat to Pakistan’s national security than threats from external state actors.’ Argue in favour or against. 2018

Non-state actors refer to entities that are not part of a government or a state, but still have the ability to influence national or international affairs. Examples of non-state actors include terrorist organizations, criminal syndicates, and civil society organizations.

In recent years, there has been a growing concern that non-state actors are posing more of a threat to Pakistan’s national security than external state actors. Some argue that non-state actors, such as terrorist organizations like the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, have been responsible for a significant amount of violence and instability in Pakistan. These groups have been able to exploit weak governance, corruption, and economic disparities to gain support and launch attacks on the state and its citizens.

On the other hand, some argue that external state actors, such as India and Afghanistan, pose a greater threat to Pakistan’s national security. These states have been accused of supporting insurgent groups and providing them with resources and safe havens to launch attacks on Pakistan. They have also been involved in border conflicts and have threatened Pakistan’s territorial integrity.

In reality, both non-state actors and external state actors pose a significant threat to Pakistan’s national security, and it is difficult to compare which one poses a greater threat. Both types of actors can undermine stability, disrupt governance, and cause violence and destruction.

To address these threats, Pakistan needs to strengthen its institutions and governance structures, improve its economic situation, and enhance its diplomatic relations with neighboring states. It also needs to continue to work with international partners to combat terrorism and address regional conflicts. By adopting a comprehensive approach, Pakistan can effectively address both non-state and external state actors’ threats to its national security.

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