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Q.5 Elucidate how the Prophet of Islam (Peace be upon him) exemplified him as the greatest peace maker in the world by making reconciliation with pagans, Jews and Christians? 2017

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is known for his efforts to make peace and reconcile with different groups, including pagans, Jews, and Christians. His example as a peace maker is based on his teachings and actions, which emphasized the importance of compassion, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

One of the most significant examples of the Prophet’s efforts to make peace was the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah, which he signed with the pagan Meccans in 628 CE. Despite initial resistance from his followers, the Prophet agreed to the terms of the treaty, which included a ten-year truce and allowed for peaceful relations between the Muslims and the Meccans.

The Prophet also established peaceful relations with the Jewish and Christian communities of Medina. He made a covenant with the Jewish tribes of Medina, which guaranteed their safety and rights in return for their loyalty and cooperation. He also made alliances with Christian tribes, including the Banu Taghlib, who fought alongside the Muslims in several battles.

The Prophet’s teachings and actions also emphasized the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation in personal relationships. He encouraged his followers to forgive others, even in the face of injustice, and to seek reconciliation and peace in their relationships.

In all these examples, the Prophet Muhammad demonstrated the qualities of a great peace maker by showing compassion, forgiveness, and a willingness to reconcile with others, even in the face of differences and conflict. His example continues to inspire Muslims and others around the world to work for peace and reconciliation in their own communities and relationships.

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