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Q.6 Critically analyse the newly established Islamic Military Alliance and its future implications for the Muslim world? 2018

The Islamic Military Partnership to Battle Psychological warfare (IMAFT), otherwise called the Islamic Military Union, is a tactical collusion of overwhelmingly Muslim-greater part nations that was laid out in 2015. The coalition is settled in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and its expressed objective is to arrange military and security endeavors against psychological warfare and fanaticism in the Muslim world.

The foundation of the IMAFT has had various ramifications for the Muslim world, both positive and negative. On the positive side, the coalition gives a stage to part nations to coordinate on counterterrorism endeavors and offer insight and assets. This can assist with upgrading the general security and strength of the Muslim world by better tending to the danger of psychological oppression and radicalism.

Nonetheless, there have additionally been concerns raised about the future ramifications of the IMAFT for the Muslim world. One of the vital reactions of the coalition is that it is overwhelmed by Sunni Muslim nations, with numerous significant Shia Muslim nations, like Iran and Iraq, rejected from the collusion. This has prompted worries that the IMAFT could compound partisan strains and add to additional division inside the Muslim world.

Another worry is that the IMAFT could be utilized as a device for seeking after political and international interests of its part nations, as opposed to zeroing in exclusively on counterterrorism endeavors. This could bring about the collusion being utilized to seek after territorial fights for control, especially between Saudi Arabia and Iran, to the detriment of the general security and dependability of the Muslim world.

Taking everything into account, the recently settled Islamic Military Coalition has both positive and negative ramifications for the Muslim world. While it gives a stage to part nations to coordinate on counterterrorism endeavors, there are likewise worries that it could fuel partisan strains, be utilized for political and international interests, and add to additional division inside the Muslim world.

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