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Q.6 Discuss the Kashmir problem in its entirety; throwing light on its background and prospects of possible solutions to this core issue between India and Pakistan.2016

The Kashmir problem is a long-standing dispute between India and Pakistan over the territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The dispute dates back to 1947, when India and Pakistan gained independence from British rule. At the time, the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir was given the option to accede to either India or Pakistan. The Maharaja of the state initially chose to remain independent, but later acceded to India, which led to a war between India and Pakistan over the territory.

The conflict has continued to this day, with both India and Pakistan claiming sovereignty over the region. The dispute has led to several wars between India and Pakistan, as well as ongoing violence in the region. India controls about two-thirds of the territory, while Pakistan controls the remaining third.

Possible solutions to the Kashmir problem include:

  1. : India and Pakistan could hold direct negotiations to try to resolve the dispute. However, past negotiations have not been successful, and both countries have entrenched positions on the issue.
  2. : The dispute could be mediated by a third party, such as the United Nations. However, India has been opposed to international involvement in the dispute and has argued that it is a bilateral issue.
  3. : Another possible solution is to divide the territory between India and Pakistan, with each country controlling certain parts of the region. However, this option is unlikely to be acceptable to either India or Pakistan, as both countries claim sovereignty over the entire region.

Overall, the Kashmir problem remains one of the most intractable issues in South Asia, with no easy solution in sight. The dispute is deeply entrenched in the national identities of both India and Pakistan and has led to ongoing violence and instability in the region. It will require political will and compromise from both sides to resolve the dispute and achieve a lasting peace in the region.

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