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Q.6 Give a critical review of Pakistan Energy Policy 2013 – 2018. 2019

The Pakistan Energy System 2013-2018 was highlighted keeping an eye on the country’s energy challenges and progressing sensible energy headway. Regardless, a fundamental overview of the technique would highlight a couple of characteristics and inadequacies.


  1. Focus on renewable energy:

The methodology complemented the progression of harmless to the ecosystem power sources, similar to breeze, daylight based, and hydropower, and intended to construct the piece of renewables in the energy mix.

  • Energy efficiency:

The methodology intended to additionally foster energy capability in various regions, including transportation, designs, and industry, to decrease energy usage and costs.

  •  Private sector involvement:

The technique enabled private region interest in the energy region and intended to lay out a superior business environment for adventure.


  1. Implementation challenges:

The methodology stood up to basic challenges similar to execution, particularly to the extent that getting supporting and beating authoritative and administrative snags.

  • Lack of detail:

The methodology was reprimanded for being too wide and ailing in unambiguous targets, plans, and frameworks for achieving its goals.

  • Inadequate attention to coal:

Regardless of being a colossal wellspring of energy in Pakistan, coal got confined thought in the technique and was not highlighted as a potential wellspring of harmless to the ecosystem power.

  • Limited impact on energy access:

No matter what the system’s accentuation on harmless to the ecosystem power, it didn’t basically influence further creating energy access in country and distant districts, where energy poverty remains a huge test.

With everything taken into account, the Pakistan Energy Technique 2013-2018 had a couple of characteristics, recollecting a fixation for harmless to the ecosystem power and energy efficiency, and secret region commitment. Anyway, the technique stood up to basic challenges concerning execution and required express targets, courses of occasions, and frameworks for achieving its goals. Additionally, the methodology got examination for its confined impact on additional creating energy access and for not sufficiently watching out for the gig of coal in the energy mix.


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