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Q.6 How the movement of m ism penetrated through Islamic World in the present time? 2022

The movement of Salafism, also known as the Salafi movement, has gained significant popularity and influence in the Islamic world in recent times. Salafism is a Sunni Muslim movement that advocates a return to the original teachings of Islam as practiced during the time of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions, known as the Salaf.

Here are some of the ways in which the Salafi movement has penetrated the Islamic world in the present time:

  1. : Salafi scholars and preachers have been active in spreading their message through preaching and outreach programs. They often hold conferences, seminars, and classes to educate people about the Salafi doctrine and to recruit new followers.
  2. : The rise of social media and the internet has made it easier for Salafi preachers to reach a wider audience. Salafi groups have created websites, social media pages, and online forums to spread their message and to connect with potential followers.
  3. : Salafi groups have gained political influence in some countries, particularly in the Middle East. In some cases, they have formed political parties or allied with existing political groups to advance their agenda.
  4. : Salafi groups often engage in charitable activities, such as building mosques and schools, distributing food and clothing to the poor, and providing medical care. These activities help to build support for the Salafi movement and to promote their message.
  5. : The Salafi movement has had a significant impact on Islamic education in some countries. Salafi scholars have established schools and universities that promote their doctrine, and they have also gained influence in existing Islamic institutions.
  6. : The Salafi movement has gained support in some countries that have experienced political instability or conflict. Salafi groups often portray themselves as a solution to the problems faced by these countries, and they offer a vision of an Islamic state that is based on the original teachings of Islam.

In conclusion, the Salafi movement has penetrated the Islamic world in the present time through various means, including preaching and outreach, social media and the internet, political influence, charitable activities, influence on Islamic education, and as a reaction to political instability. Its influence is significant in some countries, and it has sparked debate and controversy within the Muslim community.

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