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Q.6 Muslim Ummat has failed to unite under one roof. The leadership, their internal wrangling, and sectarian divide keep them away from the front of each other. No wonder the Muslim world is in shambles in their home countries, at the OIC level, and at international forums. Taking a tag from above, discuss ways and means to unite the Muslim Ummah with a pragmatic approach. 2022

The issue of uniting the Muslim Ummah is complex and multi-faceted. One approach to achieving unity is through promoting a common sense of identity and purpose among Muslims, emphasizing shared values and goals. This can be done through education and interfaith dialogue, as well as promoting cooperation in areas such as economic development, environmental sustainability, and humanitarian aid. Another approach is to address the root causes of internal strife and sectarianism, such as political instability, economic inequality, and historical grievances. Building trust and cooperation among different Muslim communities can also be achieved through initiatives that emphasize mutual respect, tolerance, and understanding. Ultimately, achieving unity among the Muslim Ummah will require sustained efforts by both leaders and individuals, as well as a willingness to overcome differences and work towards common goals.

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