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Q.7 Explore the importance of Sufism to spread out Islam. Is the amelioration of current deviation possible through Sufism? 2021

Sufism, which is the mystical dimension of Islam, has played an important role in spreading Islam throughout the world. Sufism focuses on the inner spiritual aspects of Islam, and seeks to cultivate a personal relationship with Allah (God). This emphasis on spirituality has made Sufism appealing to many people, both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

One of the ways Sufism has spread Islam is through the practice of tariqa, or Sufi orders. These orders were often established by Sufi masters who had a following of disciples. These disciples would then go on to spread the teachings of the Sufi master and Islam more broadly.

Sufism has also been important in promoting tolerance and understanding among different religious and cultural groups. Many Sufi masters have emphasized the importance of unity and the commonality of all religions. This has helped to create an environment of religious pluralism and mutual respect, which has contributed to the spread of Islam.

Regarding the question of whether the amelioration of current deviation is possible through Sufism, it depends on what is meant by “deviation.” If by deviation, we mean extremism, then Sufism has been an important force in combating extremism by promoting a message of peace, love, and compassion. However, if deviation refers to theological differences or disagreements, then Sufism may not necessarily lead to a resolution of these issues. Sufism, like any other dimension of Islam, is not a monolithic entity and has its own diversity of interpretations and practices. Therefore, it may not be a one-size-fits-all solution for addressing all forms of deviation.

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