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Q.7 Is extremism a challenge to Islam? Discuss in the context of contemporary challenges faced by Muslim Ummah. 2019

Extremism is a challenge to Islam as it promotes a distorted and extreme interpretation of Islamic teachings and can lead to acts of violence and terrorism, which are antithetical to the peaceful and compassionate principles of Islam.

In the contemporary context, the Muslim Ummah faces numerous challenges, including political instability, economic inequality, social injustice, and the rise of extremist ideologies. Extremism not only threatens the security and stability of Muslim societies but also harms the image of Islam and its followers worldwide.

To counter the challenge of extremism, it is essential to promote a moderate and balanced interpretation of Islamic teachings, emphasizing the values of compassion, tolerance, and respect for diversity. Muslim scholars and leaders must play an active role in countering extremist narratives and promoting a culture of peace and dialogue.

Furthermore, addressing the root causes of extremism, such as poverty, unemployment, and political disenfranchisement, is crucial to prevent the spread of radical ideologies. By addressing these challenges, the Muslim Ummah can promote a positive and constructive vision of Islam, rooted in the principles of justice, compassion, and human dignity.

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