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Q.7 What are the key features of the US new Indo-Pacific strategy under Joe Biden administration? How does it treat China? 2020

The new Indo-Pacific strategy under the Joe Biden administration focuses on strengthening U.S. partnerships and alliances in the region and promoting a free and open Indo-Pacific. The key features of the strategy are:

  1. Strengthening partnerships and alliances: The United States aims to strengthen partnerships and alliances with key countries in the Indo-Pacific, including Japan, South Korea, Australia, and India.
  2. Promoting economic growth: The United States aims to promote economic growth in the region through trade and investment. The Biden administration has expressed support for the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and plans to invest in infrastructure development in the region.
  3. Promoting democracy and human rights: The United States aims to promote democracy and human rights in the region, including in countries such as Myanmar and Hong Kong.
  4. Addressing climate change: The United States aims to work with partners in the region to address climate change and promote clean energy.
  5. Strengthening military capabilities: The United States aims to strengthen its military capabilities in the region to deter potential adversaries and maintain stability.

In terms of how the strategy treats China, the Biden administration has taken a tough stance on China’s behavior in the region. The administration has expressed concerns about China’s assertiveness in the South China Sea, human rights abuses in Xinjiang, and repression in Hong Kong. The United States has also expressed support for Taiwan and has stated that it will defend its allies and partners in the region against any threats. However, the administration has also expressed a willingness to work with China on issues of mutual concern, such as climate change and North Korea.

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