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Q.8 Critically examine Donald Trump’s Policy on South Asia and its implications for Pakistan and the region. 2018

Donald Trump’s strategy on South Asia, especially towards Pakistan, was set apart by major areas of strength for an on counterterrorism endeavors and advancing soundness in the locale. During his administration, Trump’s organization took an extreme position on Pakistan, blaming the country for holding onto psychological militants and neglecting to address the danger of illegal intimidation in the district satisfactorily.

Because of this strategy, the Trump organization forced huge monetary and military strain on Pakistan, including cutting military guide and restricting the nation’s admittance to key US military hardware. The organization likewise raised drone strikes and other military tasks against psychological oppressor focuses in Pakistan, which prompted expanded strains between the two nations.

The ramifications of Trump’s strategy on South Asia were broad, especially for Pakistan. The decrease of military guide and the inconvenience of financial tension fundamentally affected the nation’s economy, which was at that point confronting critical difficulties. Moreover, the expanded strains with the US prompted a decrease in Pakistan’s political and military binds with the US, which has generally been a vital partner for the country.

As far as the more extensive locale, Trump’s arrangement could weaken South Asia and compound existing strains between various nations in the area. The pressed Pakistan, for instance, could prompt expanded struggle with India, and the decrease in US-Pakistan relations could likewise have suggestions for the more extensive locale, especially regarding counterterrorism endeavors and strength in Afghanistan. All in all, Donald Trump’s strategy on South Asia was set apart by areas of strength for an on counterterrorism endeavors and advancing dependability in the district, however had huge ramifications for Pakistan and the more extensive locale. The strategy prompted expanded pressures with Pakistan, essentially affected the nation’s economy, and could weaken the locale.

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