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Q.8 Discuss revival of Pak-US relations in context of present US-Taliban peace process.2016

The revival of Pak-US relations in the context of the present US-Taliban peace process has been a significant development in recent years. The US-Taliban peace process began in 2018, with the goal of negotiating a peace agreement to end the long-standing conflict in Afghanistan. Pakistan has played a crucial role in facilitating these negotiations, as it has longstanding ties with the Taliban and has been seen as a key interlocutor between the Taliban and the US.

The peace process has led to a thaw in Pak-US relations, which had been strained in recent years. The US had criticized Pakistan for its alleged support for militant groups in the region, and had reduced aid to the country as a result. However, the US has since recognized Pakistan’s role in facilitating the peace process, and has sought to improve relations with the country as a result.

As part of this effort, the US has restored some of the aid that had been suspended, and has sought to deepen cooperation with Pakistan on issues such as counterterrorism and regional stability. The two countries have also held high-level meetings and engaged in diplomatic exchanges, with both sides expressing a desire to strengthen their relationship.

The revival of Pak-US relations in the context of the US-Taliban peace process is a positive development, as it has the potential to contribute to stability and peace in the region. However, there are also challenges and uncertainties that remain, as the peace process is ongoing and the situation in Afghanistan is complex and unpredictable. It will be important for both Pakistan and the US to continue to engage with each other and work towards shared goals, while also addressing any outstanding issues or concerns.

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