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Q.8 What are the Russian objectives behind military intervention in Ukraine? Discuss whether western sanctions can prove effective as an instrument to counter the Russian act. 2020

The Russian military intervention in Ukraine began in 2014, following a popular uprising that led to the ousting of pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych. The intervention was motivated by several objectives, including:

  1. Maintaining Russian influence in the region: Russia has long seen Ukraine as a key part of its sphere of influence and was concerned about losing its influence in the country following Yanukovych’s ouster.
  2. Protecting Russian-speaking populations: Russia claimed that its intervention was aimed at protecting Russian-speaking populations in Ukraine, particularly in the Crimea region.
  3. Maintaining access to strategic assets: The Crimea region is home to several key military and strategic assets, including Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, which Russia was keen to maintain access to.
  4. Asserting Russian power: The intervention was also seen as a way for Russia to assert its power in the region and challenge Western dominance.

In response to the intervention, the West imposed a range of economic sanctions on Russia, targeting key sectors such as finance, energy, and defense. The effectiveness of these sanctions as an instrument to counter the Russian act is a matter of debate.

On the one hand, the sanctions have had a significant impact on the Russian economy, causing a decline in GDP, a drop in the value of the ruble, and a reduction in foreign investment. The sanctions have also made it more difficult for Russian companies to access international markets and technology, which could have long-term implications for Russia’s economic development.

On the other hand, the sanctions have not succeeded in changing Russia’s behavior in Ukraine or deterring further aggression. Russia has continued to provide military and financial support to separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine, and has shown little sign of backing down from its stance on Crimea.

In conclusion, while western sanctions have had an impact on the Russian economy, they have not been effective in countering Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine. It is likely that a combination of diplomatic, economic, and military measures will be needed to address the situation in Ukraine and deter further Russian aggression in the region.

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