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Q6. What is meant by Diminishing Musharakha? Discuss how the contemporary Islamic (20) banks use such type of transaction for house financing? 2022

Diminishing Musharakah is a financial arrangement or contract used in Islamic banking and finance. It is a variation of the Musharakah contract, which is a partnership arrangement where two or more parties contribute capital for a business venture and share the profits and losses according to agreed-upon ratios. In Diminishing Musharakah, the partnership is specifically structured for the purpose of property or asset financing, such as house financing. Here is an overview of how contemporary Islamic banks utilize Diminishing Musharakah for house financing in 2022:

1. Structure of Diminishing Musharakah for House Financing:

In Diminishing Musharakah, the bank and the customer enter into a partnership for the purpose of financing a property, such as a house. The bank provides a portion of the financing as its share of the partnership capital, while the customer provides the remaining portion. The customer’s share of the capital is gradually purchased by the bank over time, leading to a decrease in the customer’s ownership and increase in the bank’s ownership of the property.

2. Co-ownership and Occupancy:

Under Diminishing Musharakah, both the bank and the customer become co-owners of the property based on their respective capital contributions. The customer also has the right to occupy and use the property. Simultaneously, the customer pays rent to the bank for the portion of the property owned by the bank but not yet purchased by the customer.

3. Periodic Purchasing of Bank’s Share:

To facilitate the gradual transfer of ownership from the bank to the customer, the customer makes regular payments that consist of two components: the principal payment and the rent payment. The principal payment is used to purchase the bank’s share of the property, while the rent payment compensates the bank for the portion of the property it owns.

4. Decreasing Ownership of the Bank:

As the customer makes periodic payments, the bank’s ownership in the property decreases. The customer’s ownership increases proportionately until the customer becomes the sole owner of the property at the end of the financing term.

5. Flexibility and Fixed Payment Structure:

Diminishing Musharakah provides a fixed payment structure, allowing the customer to plan their finances more effectively. The financing term, periodic payments, and the decreasing ownership structure are agreed upon between the bank and the customer at the beginning of the contract.


Contemporary Islamic banks utilize Diminishing Musharakah for house financing as a Sharia-compliant alternative to conventional interest-based mortgages. This arrangement allows individuals to purchase homes without engaging in interest-based transactions. It aligns with the principles of risk-sharing and shared ownership inherent in Islamic finance.

It’s important to note that the specific details and implementation of Diminishing Musharakah may vary among different Islamic banks and jurisdictions. Customers interested in house financing through Diminishing Musharakah should consult with their bank or financial institution to understand the terms, conditions, and processes specific to their chosen institution.

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