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Q7. Examine the emerging strategic competition between china and US and its impact on global order? 2016

Lately, there has been an arising key contest among China and the US, which has huge ramifications for the worldwide request. This opposition is driven by a few elements, including the developing financial and military force of China, the change in the worldwide overall influence, and clashing interests and values between the two nations.

The effect of this opposition on the worldwide request should be visible in more than one way:

  1. Geopolitical competition: The opposition among China and the US is prompting a more divided and multipolar world, as the two nations look to lay out their impact and predominance in various locales of the world.
  2. Economic tensions: The competition is also leading to increased economic tensions, particularly in the areas of trade and investment, as both countries seek to protect their economic interests and preserve their global competitiveness.
  3. Military tensions: The rivalry is likewise prompting expanded military pressures, especially in the Asia-Pacific area, as the two nations look to lay out their tactical strength and guard their essential advantages.
  4. Changes in international institutions: The contest among China and the US is prompting changes in worldwide foundations and the worldwide administration framework, as the two nations try to reshape the standards and standards that administer the global framework for their potential benefit.
  5. Impact on regional stability: The opposition among China and the US is essentially affecting territorial security, especially in districts where the two nations have covering interests, like the South China Ocean and the Korean Promontory.

All in all, the arising key contest among China and the US is altogether affecting the worldwide request and is reshaping the global framework in key ways. The worldwide local area genuinely must deal with this opposition in a capable and helpful way to guarantee steadiness and security in the global framework.

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