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Q8. (a) What is your take on the current judgment by the Federal Shariah Court of Pakistan on Riba? (b) What are the measures which can be taken to showcase the full potential of Islamic finance in Pakistan? 2023

(a) The current judgment by the Federal Shariah Court of Pakistan on Riba (interest) is a significant development in the field of Islamic finance in Pakistan. The court’s decision is likely to have a major impact on the Islamic banking industry in the country and could influence the development of Islamic finance in other countries as well. The exact details of the judgment and its implications are not within my knowledge cut-off, however, in general, riba is considered to be prohibited in Islamic finance and many Islamic financial institutions have implemented practices and structures that are consistent with this principle.

(b) To showcase the full potential of Islamic finance in Pakistan, several measures can be taken, including:

  1. Promoting awareness and education about Islamic finance: The government can support the promotion of Islamic finance by providing education and training to financial institutions, investors, and the general public.
  2. Developing a supportive regulatory environment: The government can provide a favorable regulatory environment for Islamic finance by creating regulations that encourage its growth and development.
  3. Encouraging private sector participation: The private sector can play an important role in promoting Islamic finance by investing in the industry and developing new financial products and services.
  4. Building a robust infrastructure: A robust infrastructure, including technology and data management, is essential for the growth and development of Islamic finance.
  5. Encouraging international cooperation: Pakistan can encourage international cooperation with other countries that have developed strong Islamic finance industries, such as Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates, to share expertise and knowledge.

These measures, among others, can help to showcase the full potential of Islamic finance in Pakistan and promote its growth and development in the country.

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    But, what concerning the conclusion? Are you certain concerning the source?

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