VIII. Non-Traditional Security Threats in Pakistan: Role of Non-State Actors

Contemporary security dangers allude to dangers that are not connected with military or conventional security concerns yet can truly hurt individuals and the state. In Pakistan, non-state entertainers have been a critical wellspring of forward thinking security dangers.

Psychological warfare is one of the most noticeable contemporary security dangers in Pakistan. Throughout recent many years, Pakistan has confronted a huge test from different fear monger bunches that have completed assaults on regular citizens, military and government establishments. These gatherings have made critical harm the economy, disturbed day to day existence, and caused a feeling of uncertainty among individuals.

Drug dealing is another contemporary security danger that Pakistan faces. The nation is a significant travel course for drugs, especially opium and heroin, which come from Afghanistan and are snuck to different regions of the planet. The medication exchange has powered defilement and savagery, and it is a huge wellspring of financing for psychological militant gatherings.

Natural debasement is another contemporary security danger that Pakistan faces. Deforestation, soil disintegration, water contamination, and air contamination are major natural difficulties in the country. These issues have critical monetary, social, and wellbeing suggestions.

Network protection is one more arising forward thinking security danger in Pakistan. As the nation turns out to be more associated with the web and innovation, the dangers of digital assaults, information breaks, and different cybercrimes are expanding. The public authority and confidential area are doing whatever it takes to further develop network protection, yet there is still a lot of work to be finished.

All in all, non-state entertainers represent a critical danger to Pakistan’s contemporary security. The public authority and security powers need to address these dangers to guarantee the wellbeing and security of the nation and its kin.

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