XIII. Pakistan and US War on Terror

Pakistan’s contribution in the US-drove Battle on Dread is a huge part of the country’s new history. Following the 9/11 assaults in the US, Pakistan joined the US-drove alliance against psychological oppression and turned into a vital partner in the battle against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s help for the US-drove alliance incorporated the arrangement of its tactical powers to the boundary with Afghanistan, permitting the utilization of Pakistani airbases and region for the US military tasks, and giving knowledge and strategic help to the alliance powers.

Notwithstanding, Pakistan’s job in the Conflict on Dread has been complicated and disputable. Notwithstanding its help for the alliance, Pakistan has additionally been blamed for holding onto and supporting Taliban and Al-Qaeda assailants, furnishing them with places of refuge in the nation’s line areas with Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s collusion with the US in the Conflict on Dread has likewise been condemned by certain segments of Pakistani society, who contend that the nation has endured significantly because of its contribution in the contention, remembering an ascent for psychological oppressor assaults, inside relocation, and monetary misfortunes.

Generally speaking, Pakistan’s job in the US-drove Battle on Fear has had extensive ramifications for the nation’s security, political strength, and territorial relations.

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