XXIV. The war in Afghanistan since 1979 and its impact on, and challenges to Pakistan in

the Post 2014 era.

The conflict in Afghanistan starting around 1979 altogether affects Pakistan, and the difficulties to Pakistan in the post-2014 period keep on enduring. The Soviet intrusion of Afghanistan in 1979 and the resulting struggle significantly affected Pakistan, which became entangled in the conflict as a forefront state. Pakistan, alongside the US and different nations, upheld the Afghan Mujahideen in their battle against the Soviet-supported Afghan government.

Following the withdrawal of Soviet soldiers in 1989, Afghanistan dove into a nationwide conflict that went on for north of 10 years. Pakistan, alongside other local powers, upheld different groups in the contention, which brought about shakiness and viciousness on its boundaries. The ascent of the Taliban during the 1990s further convoluted the circumstance, with Pakistan becoming one of only a handful of exceptional nations to perceive the Taliban government in Kabul.

The occasions of 9/11 and the ensuing U.S. attack of Afghanistan in 2001 denoted a defining moment in the contention, with Pakistan turning into a critical partner of the US in the battle against psychological oppression. Notwithstanding, the connection between the two nations has been full of pressures, especially over Pakistan’s supposed help for the Taliban and other assailant bunches in Afghanistan.

In the post-2014 time, with the withdrawal of most U.S. troops from Afghanistan, Pakistan faces another arrangement of difficulties, including the resurgence of the Taliban and the development of the Islamic State (IS) in the locale. Pakistan has been participated in endeavors to advance a political settlement in Afghanistan, however progress has been delayed because of the perplexing idea of the contention and the contending interests of different provincial powers.

Also, the contention in Afghanistan has had overflow impacts on Pakistan, remembering an increment for psychological oppressor assaults and partisan brutality. Pakistan has additionally been troubled with the presence of millions of Afghan exiles, who have looked for refuge in the country throughout the course of recent many years.

In synopsis, the conflict in Afghanistan starting around 1979 significantly affects Pakistan, and the difficulties to Pakistan in the post-2014 time keep on persevering. Accomplishing dependability in Afghanistan and the locale stays a critical need for Pakistan, and settling the contention will require the participation and commitment of every territorial partner.

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