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Q5. Change the narration of any Five of the following sentences. 2022

  1. My father often told me, “Every obstacle is a stepping stone to success.”
  2. All said, “I must go to Lahore next week to visit my ailing mother.”
  3. “Hurrah”! said the captain of the team, “We won the match.”
  4. He said to me, “Do you know the fact?”
  5. “Could you ever afford to displease your parents?” said I to my friend.
  6. The teacher pointed, “Here in this mausoleum lay buried the king.”
  7. He reminded me, “When the cat is away the mice will play.”
  8. The king said, “You have made me feel happy with your sweet music although I have never felt so much happy before.”


1. My father would often advise me that every obstacle is a stepping stone to success.

2. Everyone stated that they had to go to Lahore the following week to visit their ailing mother.

3. The captain of the team exclaimed in excitement, “Hurrah! We have emerged victorious in the match.”

4. He inquired of me, “Are you aware of the fact?”

5. I questioned my friend if they had ever contemplated displeasing their parents.

6. The teacher gestured towards the mausoleum, indicating that the king lay buried there.

7. He jogged my memory, saying, “Remember, when the cat is away, the mice will play.”

With a sense of elation, the king expressed, “Your sweet music has filled me with happiness like never before.”

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