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Q5. Keeping in view the true teaching of Islam, discuss in detail as to what should be the salient features of foreign policy of any Islamic country?

1. Peaceful Coexistence: The foremost principle of an Islamic country’s foreign policy should be to promote and uphold the values of peace and peaceful coexistence with other nations. Islam encourages Muslims to establish relationships based on mutual respect, cooperation, and the pursuit of common goals. Emphasizing peaceful resolutions to conflicts, fostering dialogue, and promoting understanding can contribute to global harmony.

2. Justice and Fairness: Islamic foreign policy should prioritize justice and fairness in its dealings with other nations. Upholding the principles of justice means treating all nations, regardless of their size or power, with equality and respect. Ensuring fair trade, supporting international law, and advocating for the rights of the oppressed are important aspects of an Islamic country’s foreign policy.

3. Non-Aggression and Conflict Resolution: Islam teaches Muslims to avoid aggression and unnecessary conflicts. Islamic foreign policy should focus on resolving disputes through peaceful means, such as negotiations, mediation, and diplomacy. Resorting to violence should only be a last resort for self-defense when all other options have been exhausted.

4. Respect for Sovereignty: An Islamic country’s foreign policy should respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other nations. Islam emphasizes the importance of respecting the autonomy and self-determination of all nations. Engaging in respectful dialogue and cooperation while refraining from interference in the internal affairs of other countries is vital to fostering healthy international relations.

5. Humanitarian Assistance and Solidarity: Islamic foreign policy should prioritize providing humanitarian assistance to countries and regions in need, regardless of religious or cultural differences. Islam places great importance on helping those in need and alleviating suffering. Offering aid, support in times of crises, and contributing to global development initiatives can demonstrate the compassionate and caring nature of an Islamic country.

6. Economic Cooperation and Fair Trade: An Islamic country’s foreign policy should encourage economic cooperation and fair trade with other nations. Islam promotes the principles of economic justice, fair distribution of resources, and equitable trade practices. Establishing partnerships, encouraging investment, and promoting sustainable development can contribute to economic growth and mutual prosperity.

7. Cultural Exchange and Dialogue: Islamic foreign policy should foster cultural exchange and dialogue to promote understanding and mutual respect among different nations and civilizations. Islam encourages Muslims to engage in dialogue with people of diverse backgrounds, share knowledge, and promote intercultural understanding. Facilitating cultural exchange programs, promoting educational opportunities, and supporting initiatives that bridge cultural gaps are crucial in building lasting relationships.

8. Global Security and Peacekeeping: Islamic countries should actively contribute to global security and peacekeeping efforts. Islam encourages Muslims to strive for peace and to prevent conflicts that threaten international security. Participating in peacekeeping missions, supporting disarmament initiatives, and combating terrorism can be integral components of an Islamic country’s foreign policy.

By incorporating these salient features into their foreign policy, Islamic countries can uphold the true teachings of Islam and contribute to a more just, peaceful, and harmonious world. It is important to remember that the specific implementation and priorities may vary among different nations, taking into account their unique circumstances and geopolitical considerations.

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