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Q8. Make a precis of the following passage and suggest a suitable title. 2022

What the future of oratory in general will be it is impossible to forecast. The English word ‘orator’ seems to have fallen on evil days. It is rarely used without a slightly derisory accent as when men say with curious emphasis, ‘I am no orator as Brutus is’. The orators of ancient times felt themselves to be engaged on a task of the highest worth and value. They were ‘shaping works for all the future’ and “offering themselves to be examined by all-testing Envy and Time”, as one of the ancient writers said when defending and praising the scrupulous care taken by Demosthenes. Today, the care and attention given to the art of public speaking has sensibly declined. Sir Winston Churchill was, in many respects, a survivor from the golden age of oratory. No doubt it could be said of him as was said of the great orator of ancient times, ‘he adopts no thought, no word at random, but takes much care of both the arrangement of his ideas and the graciousness of his language”. English oratory is adorned with many famous names and among them Churchill stands extraordinarily high. For more than fifty years he has expressed himself on great national and international matters, and the volumes of his speeches are a history in themselves. Many of his speeches will live as examples of human speech at its highest and best, and they will be woven into the fabric of our own history and the history of the world.

Title: The Uncertain Future and Enduring Legacy of Oratory


The future of oratory remains elusive, as the word “orator” has acquired negative connotations in modern times. Ancient orators considered their work to be of utmost importance, shaping the future and subjecting themselves to scrutiny by Envy and Time. However, today, the art of public speaking has suffered a noticeable decline in care and attention. Sir Winston Churchill, a symbol of the golden age of oratory, stood as a testament to its greatness. He meticulously crafted his speeches, emphasizing the significance of thought arrangement and linguistic elegance. Churchill’s contributions elevate the realm of English oratory, occupying a prominent place alongside other renowned figures. Throughout more than half a century, he expressed himself on matters of national and international importance, leaving behind a collection of speeches that constitute a rich historical narrative. These speeches will endure as exemplars of exceptional human communication, interwoven into the tapestry of our own history and that of the world.

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